Monday, October 12, 2009

The Serrano / Boggs Family Session

It was a gorgeous early evening in the hills with an extremely cute one-year-old, her Mom, Dad & both Grandmothers. There was even a couch to make the weeds a bit more cozy...

Yet somehow, things started off rocky. The mom is a whip-smart (and frankly, smart-ass) writer who had me laughing so hard that at one point early in the shoot, I nearly lost my balance and fell down the hill with my camera. That was sort of embarrassing. Once I'd regained my composure, we encountered a different challenge -- teething -- which lead to a fever, runny nose and general unhappiness. We ended up cutting the session short and running back to my house to give her a dose of infant's Tylenol. Luckily, we'd gotten enough shots and didn't have to reschedule.

Little Miss H has an amazing family. They will drive an hour up the 405 in jammed traffic for custom photography but when they see that their child is just not feeling up to posing for pictures, will call the session short and have a laugh. Thanks guys, you were awesome.


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