Thursday, January 19, 2012

The View From Up Here

As photographers, we are always looking for ways to challenge ourselves.  This year I am taking on an exciting new challenge, a 26 week project.  It is similar to the 52 week project most of you are familiar with, except this year we are working on techniques along with our themes.  Our themes for our 26 week project will be more thought provoking, so it will be fun to see the different interpretations. I am working along with 12 other AMAZING photographers who will be challenging me as the year goes on.  Each month we will have a different technique we are working on, and each week we will have a new theme.  

For the month of January, our technique is unique lighting. I missed the first week and so I'm combining this week and last weeks themes "View from Up Here" and "Let's Get Close".  After you see my picture, be sure to continue clicking through the different photographers links so you can see the complete circle.  Be sure to come back in 2 weeks to see our next theme, you don’t want to miss it!

Obviously this is a pretty literal interpretation of the challenge in that I set up the shot of my boys and I and asked my husband to shoot it, standing almost directly above us. We all laid down next to a large window at end end of the day as the light was softening.

Thank you Jules Trandem for inviting me to participate in this challenge. I've been TERRIBLE about updating this blog and I am looking forward to this project helping to change that.

Thank you for visiting and please click thru all the photographers participating. Next please check out Phoenix Photographer Misti Dawson.