Friday, May 18, 2012


"Twenty-one years with the same woman — Wow! And what a woman. I'm looking forward with interest and anticipation to the next twenty-one years. And if my love for you grows much more — big as I am — I won't be able to contain it." -Jack Anniversary note to my grandmother-in-law I found today while sorting through her old photos. Jack died of a massive heart attack in his 40s, not long after this note was written. No wonder why at 90+ she still spoke of him with such enduring love.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dreams, Dream, Dreams

The latest "assignment" in my amazing 24 weeks group centers around the theme of Dreams... I had a shoot 2 weeks ago that happened to lend itself to the theme, particularly when I began adding textures, duplicating images and otherwise having fun in Photoshop... When you've looked thru my work, please continue to the link provided at the bottom and check out all the talented artists in the group :) Sweet dreams!

Now for some true dreamy goodness please check out the work of the uber-talented Becky Earl.