Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow Queen: My Interpretation

A lot of people do a snow-queen themed shoot. I've been wanting to myself for a while. The challenge for me was to try to create a unique spin on the idea. I hope I was able to add something new to this beautiful mythology. I will post images from our session as I finish them :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Worth the wait...

I am admittedly not the world's best or most timely blogger, but I am *trying* to make sure I go back to my finished sessions and share them. Melissa and Curtis flew down from Alaska to spend a long weekend in Southern California to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary and asked if I could document this time in their lives. I was thrilled to meet up with Melissa in "real life". (She herself is a photographer and we "met" via my FB Textures page a few years ago). I drove out to the desert and we met up outside of Palm Springs. It was a gorgeous night and aside from all the rattlesnake holes, a wonderful location to shoot. I should also mention that Melissa MADE her own beautiful dress. :) Thanks Melissa & Curtis for asking me to be a part of your special anniversary. And since I may have been somewhat responsible for baby #4 as a result this shoot, I humbly submit the name "Jessica" for your consideration if the next is a girl.

Textures = Industrial (soft light) and Atlantic (blurred, color burn mode, appx 20%) from Super Grunge Urban and Sands from Texture Pack 3.