Thursday, April 26, 2012

Takes My Breath Away

When I first read the assignment, I assumed I should attempt to create the most fabulous, breathtaking image I'd ever shot and edited. I envisioned a big set up and trying to do something clever with light and processing.


But this has been a difficult few weeks. 


Instead, the words took on a different meaning. Frankly, it's felt a bit claustrophobic around here. It hasn't taken much to for me to feel like I didn't have much breath in my lungs between paying taxes, releasing a new texture pack, sharing a car with a husband who was working long hours away from home, losing a washing machine and an external drive, tons of school and sports activities, and the untimely passing of some people who were dear to me.


My tank was empty.


On Tuesday, someone asked for an example from an old session. I'm not the most organized girl and it got me looking thru a bunch of old pictures I'd taken and never "developed". I started thinking about these lost images and the forgotten beauty in them. In my personal archives, sometimes my focus was off, or perhaps my kid's expression didn't seem quite "right", or perhaps I'd under or overexposed the shot or flat out hadn't nailed the composition. But there was an honesty and a simplicity in some of these forgotten shots from days at the park or afternoons at the beach that I loved.


So I'm putting on my mommy-goggles and I'm allowing myself to enjoy the simple authentic beauty in these moments and I'm sharing them with you. I'm sure they will underwhelm you but you know what is in my heart. These are treasured moments when I wasn't begging a kid to look at me, to sit here, to wear something else, to stop tickling his brother. Just moments that were real and relaxed. I added a texture and a few curves, but largely left them as they were shot, editing time about 15 minutes total. I wanted them to stay simple and unglamorous.


And in remembering these moments, I felt myself reviving a bit. I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed, but remembering what is at the heart of photography and why I ever wanted to do it reminds me that creating art without expectations can be very healing. That it isn't about processing, or textures, or wardrobe or props. It's about remembering the everyday beauty in our lives and the days we have to spend with the people we love.



Thanks for listening. Now prepare to be inspired by the rest of the group! Next up the talented Becky Earl.