Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Haras' (Family Session)

Most honest photographers will tell you that shooting a two year old can be a challenge. Add in "smart, active, male two year old" to the equation and you can quickly have your hands full. Lucky for me, his parents were cool customers who could go with the flow. In fact, about 20 minutes into the session, the little guy decided that he just wanted to run in the wilderness so we ended up shooting the rest of the photos in my front yard. (Cropped out of the pictures are my own 2 boys who were angling for the shoot to turn into a playdate).

A couple of other random thoughts on the session:

1) Contrary to the old saying, NEVER, NEVER try taking candy from a baby. The whole line about it being easy is a big fat lie.

2) These parents should be awarded the red badge of courage for sitting on a very grubby park picnic table.

But seriously, when I was editing the photos, I kept finding myself smiling back like a complete goober at the family in the pictures. I think it was because they were so genuine and their love for each other was so clearly on display. They are all truly nice people. I had a great time, I think they did too. :-)

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