Thursday, December 20, 2012

27 Tributes

It's hard to stop thinking about the lives lost in Newtown. I've been searching for how to honor the 27 lives tragically cut short.

My list:

1) To set aside work and other commitments to spend more time with my kids.

 2) To forgive others, even if they have not asked for forgiveness.

3) To attempt to grow and deepen my relationship and understanding of God.

4) To become more brave.

 5) To be thankful for what I have.

6) To see more beauty in the world.

7) To give more to others in need.

 8) To become more involved in my community.

9) To forgive myself for my shortcomings.

10) To not compare my life to others.

11) To assume the best of others and be less critical.

12) To not worry if the house isn't clean so long as the people inside it are happy.

13) To take more snapshots and candid videos of my children.

14) To make a diary of the sweet things they say.

15) To make sure they see their friends and family as often as possible.

16) To worry less about the future and live in the present.

17) To eat more family meals together. And include a vegetable.

18) To listen to more music and dance with my kids.

19) To make sure to take at least one trip with them a year.

 20) To set aside times where I am completely unplugged and available to them.

21) To ask them how they are feeling more often.

22) To give more hugs and kisses.

 23) To honor those who are first responders who see and do the things I want to be shielded from: Police, firemen, paramedics.

 24) To be more engaged in politics.

25) To never be ashamed to get therapy when situations in life become too complicated to face without the help of someone who can offer a different perspective.

26) To support my school and it's teachers.

27) To support other parents with an open heart and without judgement.


  1. Very well written....for sure a daily read !!!

  2. Very well stated! We all need to do the things on your list!

  3. Lovely. I agree with so many of them!! Including adding that vegetable ;)

  4. Love this Jessica! I agree with all of your comments...we don't realize how much we love someone until they are gone.

  5. Beautiful, Jessica-----I love the sentiments and will adopt many as my own.