Saturday, August 21, 2010

L's 3rd Birthday

Today my independent, outgoing, strong-willed, athletic and loving little boy turned three.

I've ruined many a fun day for my kids by bringing my camera, so I decided I would just document. Shot at high noon in 95 degree heat and later, in fluorescent light... Nothing set up, no posing or planning. Here are just some snaps from today.

He came up with this ensemble himself.

Funny face pancakes at IHOP.

Legos & love.

Waiting for the train tickets to come on sale. Not patiently either.

We have *no idea* who the kid in the middle is. He just sort of joined us.

Riding the ponies at Griffith Park...

Imagining the possibilities at ToysRUs...

Ending with a meltdown. Now napping. :-)

On the menu for tonight, his favorite dinner (fish sticks and peas) and a Kit Kat cake (basically a cake I buy at the market and decorate with Kit Kats). Then he gets the cool Toy Story dinosaur (shown above) and a Star Wars gun (yeah, yeah I know, but he's got a 7 year-old brother and he needs his own arsenal to keep up).

Happy Birthday!!


  1. oh my goodness, Jess your boys are precious.
    Gorgeous shots!

  2. I miss my logato.... these are priceless...

  3. ADORABLE! Happy Happy Birthday to your boy back in am I late!!!! I LOVED the him looking at the trains face!!!